Duck Fat Caramels WIN Garden & Gun Made in the South Awards

Olive & Sinclair Duck Fat Caramels WIN Garden &  Gun's Made in the South Awards

For the fifth year, Garden & Gun Magazine has announced their Made In The South Awards. Olive & Sinclair was honored to receive the honor of the top prize in the food category for our Duck Fat Caramels!

Scott Witherow has been a duck hunter all his life. He’s also a confectioner—the talent behind Olive and Sinclair, one of the South’s most successful up-and-coming candy shops. He made his name with creative chocolates that incorporate such regional standbys as buttermilk, bacon, and bourbon. Witherow’s latest creation, dreamed up in a duck blind, is yet another exploration of Southern flavor that combines two lifelong pursuits. “Using duck fat instead of butter brings a unique richness to caramel,” he says. “It’s like the difference between frying potatoes in butter and frying them in duck fat.” But that doesn’t mean these caramels taste like part of a hunt camp dinner. The fat is a subtle presence, a counterbalance to a healthy amount of cane sugar, alongside traces of salt, pepper, chile, and thyme. “You wouldn’t want the caramels to be overly savory,” Witherow says. “Balance is important.” Not only do the caramels pay tribute to the sporting life, but the box they arrive in also tells a story: Decades ago, the company responsible for Witherow’s packaging manufactured boxes for a now-defunct shotgun shell company. It agreed to let the confectioner adapt the design to suit his purposes—as with the caramels, bringing a little bit of his own flair to a classic.
— Garden & Gun Magazine