Nuit Belge Is Coming...and Going!!



It was less than one year ago that the inaugural Nuit Belge premiered at Nashville’s Marathon Music Works for a thirsty crowd of 500 folks. The evening was filled with fine Belgian beers, curated local bites, and plenty of good, wholesome fun. And just two-days shy of one year later, they’re at it again. And so are we.

Unlike last year, in which the festival was contained to just 500 people here in Music City, this year Nuit Belge is going on a tour of the South, peppering four of our region's greatest cities with Belgian delights: Atlanta (1/23), New Orleans (2/26), Nashville (3/12) and Charleston (4/16).

We were thrilled and honored to be a part of the festivities in the inaugural year, and we feel just as sweet about being included for the 2nd annual event! Because, chocolate screams Belgium, you know? (Yes, even when it's made here in Tennessee) Best of all, we’ll be traveling with the festival to each of the cities, eager to share our confectionary delights.

Caught in a haze of bright red raspberry powder as he was putting the finishing touches on our Seersucker Cherry Bomb Pickled Cherry Cordials, we caught up with production manager and chocolate-maker Jason to ask him about the event and what makes this matrimony of O&S and Belgian beer so great.

  1. The food is delicious. “Last year,” Jason says, “the food was incredible. Sometimes I feel like the food at these types of events can be lackluster, but we ate some killer stuff.”

  2. So are the chocolates. We’re bringing the full lineup from Seersucker Southern Confections: Cherry Bombs, Muzzle Loaders, and the Originals.

  3. The beer is plentiful. “I don’t really remember one standout beer from the previous festival,” Jason says. . . probably because there were so many good ones!

  4. Cool cities. If you’re tired of boring ol’ Nashville, the good news is that three other exciting cities are playing host to Nuit Belge as well. It’s a great excuse to take a trip.

  5. Chocolate + Beer = Love & Happiness. “Aside from the obvious--being that both chocolate and beer have lots of culinary prowess in Belgium--the two might make for such a good match because of both products’ necessitation for fermentation. Then again, that might not be true. What I know is true however, is that Ben Franklin once said, Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy. And the same can be said about chocolate; they’re both delicious!”

We'd love to see you at any one of the four Nuit Belge events!