Tis' The Season for Peppermint Bark!

With the Holiday Season fast approaching, we at the factory are crackin' the whip on preparing our holiday confections. You know what that means? Peppermint Bark!


It wouldn't be Christmas without Peppermint Bark, so in the interest of all you proactive shoppers out there, we're getting this stuff into production well before the Black Friday Rush or, even scarier, the Christmas Eve Dash. But if you know anything about our Peppermint Bark, you know it's not like the other stuff you'll find in the candy aisle: our peppermint bark takes between 5-6 days to make from start to finish!

Although our Ghana single-origin 67% Chocolate lays the literal foundation for this wintry favorite treat, it's our Buttermilk White Chocolate and house-made Peppermint Candy that make it so unique.

It takes between five and six days to create our Buttermilk White chocolate from start to finish, a slow-n-low process that mixes cocoa butter, cane sugar and buttermilk powder into smooth, velvety perfection, and our peppermint candy is hand-pulled and dyed pink naturally with beet juice. You'll find no store-bought peppermint or questionable white chocolate here. Our stuff is the real deal!

Once all the separate components have been completed, we layer buttermilk white chocolate over 67% dark chocolate, sprinkle freshly crushed peppermint pieces over the top, let everything set up for about 15 minutes....and then break it up into bark-worthy pieces!

Olive & Sinclair Peppermint Bark is a treat that takes a lot of time, dedication and work, this crunchy, creamy and minty delight only comes out around the same time as Ol' Saint Nick - so don't miss your chance to get your hands on some. 

We're making a slightly limited supply of the good stuff this year...so get yours today!