Olive & Sinclair and Seersucker Awarded "Good Food!"

Since 2012, The Good Food Awards have aimed to recognize makers and producers around the country that create truly good food that brings people together and helps foster a stronger, closer community. The GFA's celebrate delicious, authentic and responsibly produced food that everyone wants to eat and most of all enjoy!

There are many categories into which the Good Food Awards break up their nominees -- 14 to be exact! -- and there were two we were angling for: Chocolate and Confections. This year, the Good Food Awards had 2,059 entries and the judges narrowed it down to a group of just 291 finalists spread across all fourteen categories.

We are thrilled to announce that Olive & Sinclair's Mexican-Style Chocolate Bar made it as a finalist in the category of Chocolate and that Seersucker Candy Co's Muzzle Loaders are a finalist in the category of Confections

Unfortunately, we'll have to wait to hear if we've won in each category until the new year. But we're heading out to San Francisco for the Good Food Show in early January and will be crossing our fingers that they say our name at the Awards Ceremony on January 20th!

Regardless, we're thrilled and honored to be included among the list of finalists and can't wait to get our hands on some of their goodies when we're out in SF in just a couple months.  

Thank you, Good Food Awards for the honor!

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Our Finalists:

Muzzle Loaders
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