From Bean to Bunny

Long gone are those hollowed-out, sugary-sweet, gold-foil wrapped bunnies of yesteryear that promised only disappointment and cavities to those sweet-teeth that dove in. Here at Olive & Sinclair and Seersucker Candy Co, we’ve got something better: a real, solid, prettily-painted bunny that beckons you to indulge.

Just like our chocolate bars, truffles and other sweet treats, our cute Easter hares are made bean-to-bunny, meaning they’re the real deal. These solid bunnies come in 67% cocoa, 75% cocoa and our buttermilk white, so everybunny is sure to find one that suits 'em. Best of all, they’re finished with a light coating of pastel-colored cocoa butter, which will make your Easter basket (or centerpiece!) the envy of every other.

Because of their fragility, these bunnies are only available in store, so hop on over and grab one before they jump into someone else’s basket!

Bunnies available at Olive & Sinclair Chocolate Factory and Seersucker Candy Company. Open Tues - Sat  10 AM - 5PM