Our Chocuterie is No Joke.

Chocuterie. No, not charcuterie, like dry-cured meat, CHOC-uterie, as in, chocolate sausage. Are you hearing us now? This is not a drill. Our Chocuterie is no joke.

We put a lot of time and elbow grease into the products that we create here at Olive & Sinclair each and every day, but our Chocuterie is in a league of it’s own. Not only do the flavor profiles in our chocolate sausage links change from season to season, but we also make a new batch just about every single week--and even more than that when the season strikes Christmas--which means that the link you get is always fresh, full of flavor, and packed with our love.

This Spring, we’re rolling out one of our all-time favorite flavors, Blackberry Brown Butter Brioche. To make it, we add toasty pieces of brioche lodged throughout a O&S chocolate ganache to mimic the nodules of fat that one would find in a salty pork saucisson. Mixing in fresh, luscious blackberries brings in bright, fruity flavor. We also blend in toasty brown butter to help thicken the ganache, allowing it to better hold its form while also bringing rich, nutty flavors. Once fully blended, we form the mixture into logs, give it a thin dusting of powdered sugar and tie it up in a fabric net. Voila!

To complete the look we wrap it all up in kraft butcher paper and seal it with a kiss...or well, a label.

There’s really no other meat-less but meat-inspired treat out there like it! Our O&S Chocuterie makes a lovely addition to any fancy-pants cheese plate, but it also goes pretty well with just a pair of fingers and a napkin!