Smoked Nib Brittle in Southern Living's 2016 Food Awards!

The South is home to some pretty incredible food. And Southern Living knows it. These folks are the authority on all things tasty, and they've done their fare share of traveling around the South and tasting everything it's got to offer. From spicy jellies, to hoppy beers, to crazy-expensive (and presumably crazy-delicious) honey, the editors over at SL have curated a list of what they believe to be the BEST of the best Southern artisan-crafted foods: the 2016 Food Awards.

That's why we were so blown away to be included in their list! Admittedly, our Smoked Nib Brittle is like the ultimate Southern sweet treat, what with the smoke of the infamous Benton's smokehouse, but we like to think it's all of the time, hard work, and love we add in that really caught Southern Living's eye...or tastebuds. 

Smoked Nib Brittle
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Cocoa nibs—bathed in the haze of country ham legend Allan Benton’s smokehouse—add an extra layer of depth to this buttery, sweet brittle.
— Southern Living