O&S Involved in Southern Living's 50th Anniversary

Nashville has been able to put a lot of trophies on its shelf over the past few years, with so many travel magazines and websites proclaiming it "The Hottest City in the US" or a "Must-Visit Destination."

But by far the the biggest and shiniest trophy Music City has earned comes from the fine folks at Southern Living magazine. This famed publication chose little ol' Nashville as the destination of its 50th birthday party, and we are over-the-moon excited to be involved in the celebration.

In celebration of Southern Living’s 50th anniversary, the magazine and the city of Nashville have teamed up to bring you a weekend of experiences that celebrate the city’s food, fashion, art, and, of course, music. Each event has been curated by Southern Living editors to provide you with an inside look into the authentic happenings in Music City.
— visitmusiccity.com

The weekend is filled with tons of events showcasing the best that Nashville has to offer: from a dinner under the stars at the beautiful Cheekwood Botanical Garden, to a songwriters In-The-Round night at The BlueBird Café, to a "Sweets & Spirits" Tasting at Olive & Sinclair Chocolate factory (!!!) there will be an event to spark the eye of everyone. 

Sadly, our "Sweets & Spirits" tour on Saturday September 3rd has already sold out, but if you want to go and take the tour yourself, we 100% approve. We'll still be open with our normal tour schedule so we know you could make it happen!

Here's the deal: dessert expert extraordinaire Pam Lolley from Southern Living magazine will be leading a tour of Nashville's best treats, including sweets from us at O&S, as well as the famous Goo Goo Cluster shop and Christie Cookies factory. Guests will also enjoy tours and sips from Nelson's Green Brier Distillery and Corsair Distillery.

Bummed you missed the chance to come to our event? So are we. But there are plenty of others we're sure you'll like!

CLICK HERE to see the full list of events. 

Southern Living's #NashvilleNow
50th Anniversary Celebration
September 2-5, 2016